Exploring UK Tourism: Top Destinations for Wine Lovers – A Guide from Forest Glen Winery

United Kingdom, well-known for its captivating historical sites and scenic countryside, also flaunts an alluring facet for wine enthusiasts. The country boasts vineyards producing, amongst others, internationally acclaimed English Sparkling Wine. Dive into the heart of UK’s wine tourism with this brief guide.

Start your wine-tasting journey in England with Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey, one of the largest vineyards in the UK, widely known for its award-winning wines. Heading South, you’ll find the Rathfinny Wine Estate in Sussex, renowned for its exceptional Sparkling Wines.

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Wales also hosts a number of charming vineyards, with the Glyndwr Vineyard standing out as one of the oldest and most established. For an immersive experience of UK’s wine culture, consider a guided tour that includes tasting sessions, vineyard walks, and valuable insights into winemaking.

Intrigued to know more about wine tourism in the UK or get recommendations on wines to try? Consult our dedicated website Forest Glen Winery for more comprehensive guides and advice.

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